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Michael Licht - Video Game & Narrative Designer, Virtual Reality Specialist

Since 1999, I have been designing and building video games and virtual reality experiences on multiple platforms and genres. In my career I have shipped 9 AAA game titles and 10 VR titles and counting.

Early in my career, as an Architect, I designed large commercial projects, but eventually my love of video games took over and I turned that training towards level design. I worked as a level designer at LucasArts on various Star Wars titles and later at Electronic Arts on the Medal of Honor series.

In 2013 I was an adjunct professor at USC where I taught video game level design (in Unreal) while also starting a new VR company called Emblematic Group.  As a co-founder and executive producer at Emblematic Group, I designed and produced nine projects. I managed teams and worked hands on to produce award winning, socially conscious VR experiences for the Vive and other platforms.

At SPACES, I helped lead the team in our location based virtual reality experiences as the design director while also working hands on in Unity as a generalist, prototyping, building and scripting new ways to interact in VR. I am a skilled designer, modeler, prototyper and scripter, with extensive experience in Unity and Unreal and I am currently looking for a new team to continue my exploration in this exciting medium.


Game/VR Designer/Developer

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Senior designer experienced in Video Games and Virtual Reality development.

Unity Generalist

Experienced Unity/C# generalist. (Multiple shipped Unity titles)

Unreal Generalist

Experienced Unreal /Blueprint generalist. (Multiple shipped Unreal titles, taught Unreal at USC)

Environment Artist

Skilled Maya and Max environment modeler.


Experienced in project management, waterfall and scrum.

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