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TLM/Endava Games

Design Leader

September 2021  -  Current

TLM is an exciting place!!  We work on multiple different types of games so I get to participate in many different aspects of game design.  Most recently I explored UX/UI design, but most of my experience has been in level and system design as well as prototyping new game ideas.


Design Director 


As the design lead at SPACES, I VR LBE video games based the Terminator franchise, (as well as a few others.)  We have innovated in the LBE space with our own proprietary technology in partnership with AAA movie licenses, amusement parks, and other public venues.  I primarily worked as a design leader working hands on spending most of my days deep in Unity scripting and building innovative VR game mechanics. 

Heavy Iron Studios / Disney

Principal Designer - Lead Multiplayer Designer

June 2010  -  August 2013 (3 years 3 months)

As a principal designer and lead multiplayer designer, I was responsible for designing and implementing the entire multiplayer experience while also managing the single player design team.  

  • Kinect Disney

  • Family Guy Back to the Multiverse

Electronic Arts (Los Angeles) 

Lead Level Designer and Gameplay Systems Designer 

October 2003  -  May 2008 (4 years 8 months)

As a level designer and later design lead, on Medal of Honor Pacific Assault, I designed and implemented multiple levels.  As the Lead LD on Medal of Honor Airborne, I mentored a small team of new designers as we designed and built out 4 different levels.

  • Medal of  Honor: Reboot

  • Medal of Honor: Airborne

  • Medal of honor: Pacific Assault

Lucas Arts

Level Designer

May 1999  -  October 2003 (4 years 6 months)

  • Star Wars:  Jedi Power Battles (PS1)

  • Star Wars: Battle for Naboo

  • Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds

  • Star Wars: Bounty Hunter

  • Star Wars: Republic Commando

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