Michael Licht
VR/XR Design Specialist


phone: 310-437-9446


My name is Michael Licht and I have been a video game and virtual reality designer & 3dartist for nearly 20 years.  After spending 12 years on AAA game console development at LucasArts and Electronic Arts, I started exploring the exciting field of Virtual Reality as the Co-Founder of Emblematic Group and later as the lead designer and Unity Generalist at SPACES LBE VR.  (Now a part of Apple)


As a designer, I set the vision for the product. I define goals, coordinate with the PO or client, write engaging design documents, manage teams (or work "hands on" myself), and build exciting ground breaking software.

I am a long time game designer, but I also have a passion for education, journalism, simulations, training, and many other "serious" uses of VR.  Please feel free to reach out with your needs and lets discuss amazing new ways to deliver your content. I am available for contract, full time work, consultation, education and speaking engagements. 

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