Custom Homes

Have you always wanted a completely custom home on a beach in Fiji?  How about two swimming pools, a 4 car garage, 6 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, marble, modern masterpiece!  Lets talk?


Consulting / Tutoring

Are you building a world and struggling with it?  Lighting giving you trouble, bad framerate, people falling out of the world?  Give me a call, lets review what you have and come up with a solution.



If you purchased a template (and can show the receipt), I can convert it to an AltspaceVR world template for you.  This includes material conversion, performance fixes, poly reduction, and much more...


Prop Building

Always wanted your motorcycle, guitar or statue in your world? How about a star trek phaser or Aliens pulse rifle for you club? Send reference to me and I will make a custom kit just for you.